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 Posted: Apr 30 2013, 12:06 PM

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Introduce yourself in here! Tell us about yourself, what you like to do, how long you've been roleplaying, et cetera. We want to know about you!
Korben Bosnyak
 Posted: May 18 2013, 06:58 PM

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GONNA DO THIS FIRST! -trendsetter-

I'm 21, and a Mom. I love, love, love Supernatural & BioShock.
I also have an obsession with cloth diapering,
I write in my free time, which is how I got into roleplaying (embarrassing as it is, I've been doing it for almost 11 years)
I shall not talk about my start in it, but I did a lot of e-fedding for a long time (until MSN closed down Groups.)
I often have brain farts, though when I'm on my game my posts are like freaking novels. (Don't expect that often, I've got a NB T-T)

Uhm, I'm a SAHM, so I'm online quite a bit. So if you ever need help with anything, I'm typically around to ask. :D
Except chat-speak, I don't know a lot about it past 'lol,' 'brb,' and a select few others.

I presently play Aimee Damaris, Korben Bosnyak, and Richard Sullivan.
Something tells me I just have this knack for playing gloomy, tragic characters.
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