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 002. Plot
 Posted: Mar 6 2013, 04:15 AM

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I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture.

Beneath the Atlantic ocean lies the city of Rapture: a utopia dedicated to the self, free from government and religion. The dream and vision of one man was made reality when it was constructed under the cold waves of the ocean. In 1946, he then chose those deemed the best and the brightest to join him in the depths. The city was soon home to several thousand of "the best examples of mankind."

It flourished the following months, but there was a rift between social classes forming as the workers who built Rapture were left without homes and space. Civil unrest mushroomed throughout the city between the social classes. A year later, however, a ground-breaking discovery would change Rapture forever—genetic modification.

But despite the greatness these new genetic modifications brought, they've now become weapons any citizen could yield. And with the civil unrest, the political war, and spliced-up inhabitants, Rapture is spiraling into madness. It's 1958 and civil war is only around the corner. The only question is: what side are you on?
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